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Wellesley Toyota Countdown: Our Top 5 Toyota Vehicles of 2014.

Posted by Jared Katsoupis on Wed, Dec 31, 2014 @ 11:08 AM


It's the end of the year, so to keep with year end traditions, we felt it was proper to give our "end of year" countdown of what we felt were our top Toyota vehicles based on a combination of features, reliability, gas mileage, safety, and most importantly, price. So without further ado, we present Wellesley Toyota's Top 5 Toyota Vehicles in 2014.


5. 2014 Prius Hatchback


Coming in at number 5 is the original 2014 Prius Hatchback.  It really says something about Toyota when we feel that their staple hybrid is five spots away from taking the number one spot, but so many great updated Toyota models came out this year that there was no choice but to slide back this staple hybrid. Why is the Prius deserving of the number 5 spot?

For startersit gets 50 combined mpg, which ties it with the Prius Plug-in. The Prius also received the best marks possible from the IIHS safety tests and was awarded the IIHS Top Safety Pick + for 2014. According to, the average price paid for a 2014 Prius in the Boston area was $25,161. Comparably, the average prices of the 2015 Camry and Corolla were considerably less, earning it the number 5 spot.

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4. 2015 Corolla

US_CL14_112_AThe compact and always reliable 2015 Toyota Corolla gets the number 4 spot.

If you’re looking for a car for the millennial generation, this is definitely it. Safe, reliable, high tech, fuel efficient, and cost effective are just some of the words to accurately describe what this small car brings.

So you want a vehicle that gets over 30 mpg? Done. Actually lets make it 32 combined mpg and even 34 mpg for the LE Eco model. You want all the latest tech to keep up with the advancements your smart phone keeps making? Sure. Its got a standard Bluetooth wireless audio for musi

c and phone calls, USB charging port, and a 6.1 inch touchscreen with Entune audio and a backup camera on all trim levels but the L. You want it all under/around $20,000? Yep, we can do that too.

For accuracy’s sake, has the average price paid for a 2015 Toyota Corolla at $20,497, but even then, that price is on the higher spectrum of prices typically reserved for the Corolla Sport model.

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3. 2014 Highlander

Surpassing sales goals is always something you strive for in the automotive industry. The 2014 Toyota Highlander helped us reach that goal with its stylish redesign that all our customers have lauded.  The 2014 Highlander gets the number 3 spot in our top five for its more luxurious interior and slightly more aggressive exterior reshaping.HLD_MY14_0209_V001-2

The interior is what really makes the new Highlander stick out. It features a dashboard with an actual open dash for storing phones, glasses, gloves, or other small vehicle carry-ons.  It also features an optional rear seat 9 inch Blu-ray system for those long family trips. Oh yeah, about the seating for those long family trips. The 2014 Highlander now seats 8. Two in the front, three in the middle, and three in the back. However, you can still get the optional seating for 7 with mid-row captains chairs if you prefer. There are many choices and options to be had in this new Highlander that leaves no one disappointed. The highest price for the Highlander comes at around $44,000 for a Limited with all the bells and whistles. While the average cost is $41,025 according to, the cost of lower trim levels, such as the XLE and LE, are significantly less than the average price given by Edmunds, which means better deals for you.

Toyota has also always been at the forefront of fuel efficiency, which is why the 2014 Highlander V6 AWD gets 24 highway mpg. That’s huge considering where mid-size SUV’s used to be on fuel efficiency. The Highlander was also an IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus for 2014. It scored “Good” on all crash tests but the small front overlap, which it still received a worthy “Acceptable” as the next highest rating.

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2. 2015 Camry

Toyota never stops improving their vehicles and the Camry was no exception to that rule when it received a facelift in the front in the form of an extended grille and new head and taillights and an added trim level in the XSE. No, Toyota didn’t mess with something that they thought was broken, they simply made it even better. The Camry is the best selling sedan on the market, which is why it earns the number 2 spot on this countdown.


For a mid sized sedan, the 2015 Camry’s average cost was $23,259 according to This is anincredible value considering what you get out of it. Consider this; backup cameras are standard on all 2015 Camry models, smart key systems are available starting at the SE and standard on up, 6.1 inch touch screen display systems on all trims, 10 airbags including those for your knees, and even a wireless smart phone charging system on the XLE and XSE.

A number 2 spot on the list wouldn’t be complete without being awarded the IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus for 2014 and running the table with strong safety ratings. IIHS graded the 2015 Camry “Good” across the board, which now includes the small-overlap front crash test that many newer vehicles have failed to pass. Rest assured, this Camry is safe. 

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1. 2015 Rav4

No Toyota vehicle sold better at Wellesley Toyota in 2014 than the 2015 Rav4 earning it the number 1 spot. With the best combined gas mileage at 26 mpg and 31 highway, it leads all Toyota non-hybrid SUV’s.


In this region, SUV crossovers are a premium and the 2015 Rav4 surpasses all of the standards that one looks for in an compact SUV crossover. It is the best off all worlds between the all-wheel drive option for winter, the amount of space for storage, and the overall quality and amount of features for under $30,000. The average price of the 2015 Rav4 in the Boston area was $24,743 making it the most affordable non-hybrid Toyota SUV crossover.

The interior of the 2015 Rav4 is where it really shines. Two-tone leather trim adds style rarely seen in the compact crossover market as well as the stitching that stands out as a third element that catches the eye. Coupled with a standard backup camera on all models and the standard Entune audio on all trim levels and you have a terrifically packaged compact crossover with an abundance of style and features.

There was no safety review by IIHS for the 2015 Rav4, however, the 2014 Rav4 received the best score of “Good” for all but the small overlap front crash test.

The Rav4 was hands down the best performer during the 2014 calendar year across the board. You will not find a better Small SUV crossover with a better value. This concludes our Top 5 in 2014 list, but we know we'll have plenty to talk about in the new year with new model updates on the horizon for 2015 so be sure to check out our blog for more news and another countdown one year from now.

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Have your own top 5? List it in the comment section below!

Happy New Year!

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