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What is Toyota Racing Development?

Posted by Jared Katsoupis on Tue, Sep 09, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

TRD, Toyota Racing Development

Toyota Racing Development, also known as “TRD,” is Toyota’s very own in-house accessories shop for all things Toyota, Scion, and Lexus. The purpose of TRD is to provide owners of street cars, like your trusty Toyota Corolla or Scion tC, the opportunity to upgrade and accessorize their cars to get better performance or a sportier look.

The TRD brand was originally started in 1976, when they were called Tosco and based out of Japan. Tosco wanted to expand its market overseas, which lead to the buyout of a small aftermarket parts distributor in California in 1979. After the purchase of this US division, they renamed the company Toyota Racing Development. Since then, they have sponsored events like the Grand Prix in Long Beach, California and drivers like offroad driver Ivan "Iron Man" Stewart in the 1980's.

TRD, Wheel, InfographicAlong with performance parts and accessories, TRD is known for its support of all things Toyota, such as their promotion of the annual Toyotafest and support of Toyota’s strong racing community. TRD USA’s race division focuses on the NASCAR Sprint Cup, NASCAR Nationwide, NASCAR Camping World Truck, NASCAR K&N Pro, Offroad Racing, and much more. Needless to say, if you're looking to soup up your Toyota or Scion vehicle, TRD knows how to take your car to the next level.

Unlike third party accessory companies, TRD offers exclusive parts and accessories that can be found at your local Boston area Toyota dealership like Wellesley Toyota. TRD specializes in superchargers, engines and drivelines, brakes, wheels, exhausts, chassis and suspensions, performance filters, and intakes. All of their products feature TRD’s signature red color and logo.

TRD also has a website dedicated to all your Toyota racing needs, with upcoming event and race information, engineering videos and graphics, and a parts department to check out what you can add to your Toyota, Scion, or Lexus vehicle. One of the cool things I really like about the website is the amount of information and media available on each part and accessory. TRD wants everyone from the dedicated enthusiast to the casual viewer to understand what TRD is all about. They really want people to understand why TRD parts are the best way to upgrade your Toyota, as well as the engineering behind those parts with the “Proving Ground” section of their website.

You can visit Toyota Racing Development's website by clicking the link here to explore all they have to offer. If you would like to know more about a certain TRD accessory, feel welcome to visit Wellesley Toyota's Parts Department online here or by calling us at (888) 556-7538 and we will be happy to assist you any way we can.

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