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Wellesley Toyota Platinum Detailing Services

Posted by Jared Katsoupis on Wed, Jul 09, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

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At Wellesley Toyota, we work very hard to be more than just your typical auto dealership. Our many services, coupled with our outstanding staff, makes Wellesley Toyota who we are. One of the great services that we provide, that you may not have known about, is our Automotive Detailing. We will make your vehicle look like it did the day you picked it up, both inside and out.

With over 125 years of combined experience, we treat your car like its our own. Some of the benefits of having a thoroughly cleaned vehicle are that a well maintained car improves the resale value when it comes time to trade it in, and also that a clean car leads to safer driving. Those things alone are worth the investment of our detailing services. So what goes into our detailing services? We’ll highlight our Platinum Detailing Package to give you an overview of the whole process that goes into making your car look perfect.

- 3M “Perfect IT” Process: If your vehicle has suffered scratches or faded paint, the 3M rubbing compound will both remove those scratches and brighten your paint. Additionally, a 3M machine polish removes swirl marks and will protect the finish of your vehicle.  We use a high-tech orbital foam buffer that leaves less swirl marks than a traditional wool buffer.

Wellesley Toyota, Service Center, Exterior

- A complete exterior hand wash and wax using industrial use insulator wax

- Complete clay additive and removal

- Clean all door jams, handles, windows, mirrors, and crevices

- Completely clean all wheels and apply tire shine

- A high-pressure undercarriage rinse

- A complete exterior glass cleaning

For the interior of vehicles, we make sure to cover each compartment and seating area.  

This includes:

- Interior shampoo of carpets and mats

- Leather or fabric cleaning

- A complete interior hand vacuum including the trunk

- A complete interior glass cleaning

- A thorough cleaning of all interior panels, compartments, and dash

The price of our Platinum package varies depending on your vehicle type. If you have a sedan, we offer an exterior only package for $169.95, an interior only package for $159.95, and both for $249.95.

If you have an SUV or van, our prices increase just a bit since we have to clean more surface area. The SUV exterior only package costs $199.95, the interior only package also costs $199.95, and the combined package costs $289.95.

While you may not need a platinum detailing package every 6 months, we do recommend that you give your vehicle a thorough cleaning in that time. Especially in the spring and summer when pollen is out and covering cars, if you are allergic to pollen, then you want to make sure your car is free of it.

If you would like to schedule a service appointment for vehicle detailing from Wellesley Toyota, you can do so here or you can call our service department at 888-556-7538.

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