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Vehicle Accessory Options at Wellesley Toyota

Posted by Jared Katsoupis on Fri, Mar 14, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

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By now we know that cars come loaded with features and generally can offer you whatever it is you are looking for. Higher trim models typically come with some type of technology package or a leather interior upgrade. But what if your car did not come with such convenient features or perhaps you bought your car right before such technology existed inside your car? Fortunately, we live in a glorious era where this is no longer a problem, because we can add on many features to our vehicles in the form of accessories. 

I’m not talking about decals and stickers that you put on your bike as a kid. We’re talking about accessories with a purpose, things such as storage, safety, convenience, and luxury. Okay, maybe luxury isn’t a necessity, but it is important to those who want to drive in comfort and style. So, to help you, the potential customer, here are some of our the most popular accessories we offer at Wellesley Toyota and some you may not even have known about!


Weathertech All-Weather Mats - Starting Price: $99

All Weather Mats, Weathertech, Toyota

All-weather mats are by far the most popular accessory we've seen be purchased with a new or used Toyota. Living in New England, we have to deal with 4 very different seasons that offer extremely different weather conditions. All-weather mats spare you the worry of damaging the carpet or interior floor of your car, and are tough enough to handle even the worst elements that a New England winter can throw at you.

Weathertech Cargo Liner – Starting Price: $99

All Weather cargo mats, Weathertech, Toyota

Similar to the all-weather mats, the cargo liner is perfect if you have pets or anything bulky or dirty that you don’t want scuffing your trunk’s carpet. It also features a perimeter lip that helps protect against anything that might spill and seep into your carpet.

Remote Starter - Starting Price: $399

Remote Start, Toyota

Our second most popular add on is the remote starter. Again, weather plays a huge factor into the popularity of this accessory due to the amount of snow that can accumulate during the winter or even just a rain shower that you don't want to get caught in. Most of us would love to be able to hop in a car that's already warm! And while you might think a remote starter is mainly for the winter, it can be very handy in the summer as well. Have you ever tried getting into a car with leather seats on one of those blazing hot 90 degree days? With a remote starter, you can blast that air conditioning a few minutes before you get in so your car is nice and comfortable.


Backup Camera - Starting Price: $399

Backup Camera, Toyota

Bet you didn’t think you could get a backup camera if the car didn't already come with one, but you can! A backup camera is a great addition to your vehicle for convenience and safety, or if you just struggle with parallel parking. There are a couple of different ways these can be installed. The first way, since most Toyotas already come with 6 inch display screens, is by using your already existing screen and installing a camera to the back of your car. The other way, if you don’t have a screen built into your car’s dash, is by removing your rear view mirror and installing a new one with a camera screen built into it. It is a bit smaller, but every bit as effective. 

Heated Seats - Starting Price: $599 (for a pair)

Heated Seats, Cloth, Leather, Toyota

Another great accessory you may not have guessed can be installed after you buy your new car: heated seats, which are great for the winter. A professional will carefully open up the fabric in your front seats and place the heating element inside. It can be applied to both leather and cloth seats and you will have a button on the side of your seat to press to turn the heat on.

Parking Sensor - Starting Price: $599

Parking Sensor, Toyota Parallel Parking

Parking sensors are great if you can't install a backup camera or if you even want both! The sensor uses sonar to detect nearby objects and will measure the distance to them. As you get closer to the object, your car will start making beeping sounds to warn you you're getting too close. You can apply parking sensors to either the front of your car, the rear, or both and can even match the color of your car if you want (normally they are black). 

Autobahnd (Paint Protection Film) - Starting Price: $695

Autobahnd, Paint Protector, Film, Car, Hood, Toyota

Ever get some chips or scratches from road debris kicking up? There is actually a way to defend your car from this pesky oncoming debris. Autobahnd is a very thin and virtually invisible urethane film that applies to the front of your vehicle where the highest potential for damage exists. If you have ever noticed small chips on the front of your car, it most likely was the result of highway pebbles kicking up from the car in front of you. Autobahnd will ensure that your vehicle stays in perfect condition.

Roof Rack Cross Bars and Rails - Starting Price: $299

Roof Rack, Cross Rails, Cross Bars, Toyota

Get the most out of your Toyota by adding roof rack cross bars or roof rails with cross bars. Sometimes vehicles don’t have roof rails or even cross bars. Fortunately, we have you covered. If you are the type that travels a lot or likes to ski or snowboard in the winter, this is the accessory for you. Roof rails and cross bars allows you to get the most out of your interior by packing your vehicle with friends and family without sacrificing storage for gear, because we all know the more people you have, the more stuff you have as well.

Visit our Greater Boston Toyota dealership or call us at 888-556-7538 to learn more about installing accessories on your car!

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