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10 Reasons We Love The Toyota Land Cruiser

Posted by Jared Katsoupis on Fri, Feb 14, 2014 @ 07:30 AM

Wellesley Toyota Land CruiserTo have a bit of fun, we here at Wellesley Toyota have put together some lists showing why we love Toyotas. Every model in the Toyota lineup offers different and unique features to that specific car. Whether you have a big family to drive around or are looking to cut costs, there's a Toyota for you. So, we are starting this series off with 10 reasons we love the Toyota Land Cruiser, one of the consistently excellent staples in Toyota's lineup.

  1. Heated steering wheel and seats

    Lets face it, living in New England has forced many of us to adapt to cold, snowy, and miserable winters that force us to get up earlier and deal with a tough commute. It doesn’t have to be that bad though. The Land Cruiser comes equipped with first and second row heated and ventilated leather seats. That means while you are taking the extra time to brush off your Cruiser, you will be rewarded once you get inside and warm your rear. That’s not all though. Your hands will also be treated to the same warmth thanks to the Land Cruiser’s beautifully designed heated leather trimmed steering wheel. Score that Land Cruiser 1, Cold 0.

  2. Wellesley Toyota Land Cruiser SeatsFour zone automatic climate control 

    Customizability is everything, and the Land Cruiser certainly makes sure that each passenger is comfortable with the temperature. Starting with the first row, we have duel automatic climate control that lets the driver and front passenger control their own temperatures, as well as second row seats that also have their own climate control panel allowing them to each choose their own preferences. On top of that, the Land Cruiser can instantly heat up on cold days using its Positive Temperature Coefficient heater that passes the air over an electronically heated ceramic element. Oh yes, and back to that customizability thing, there are 28(!) separate vents throughout the interior.

  3. Center console cooler box 

    This is exactly what it sounds like. If you are planning a long trip or just want to keep your water bottle cold, your Land Cruiser has you covered. Within the center console is a cooler with space to accommodate a few drinks as well a sandwich or two. It is surprisingly large, but just a tip: the dimensions are deeper than it is wide, so you will probably be stacking things on top of each other. Make sure your sandwich is at the top, because no one likes a squished sandwich!

  4. 9-inch rear entertainment display  

    Wellesley Toyota Land Cruiser DisplayEver been in the car with small children for an extended period of time? Then you will certainly appreciate the 9-inch drop down entertainment display in the second row that will hopefully keep the kids occupied for just long enough. Don’t want to hear the noise? There are two available headphone inputs beneath the second row climate console for personal headphone use as well as two wireless pairs of headphones that come standard with the vehicle.

  5. Premium HDD Navigation with Entune and JBL Synthesis 

    Entune is the system from which all of Toyota’s technology runs off of. Located in an 8-inch touch screen display on your front center console, it offers you the latest technology Toyota has to offer such as navigation, backup camera, regular HD radio, satellite radio with a complimentary 90 day free trial, and a whole host of apps to navigate through. The Land Cruiser also features a whopping 14 JBL speakers with a powerful subwoofer.

  6. 10 Airbags 

    As great as all of the luxury and technology features are, there’s still something about safety that gives us peace of mind. The Land Cruiser gives you that peace of mind with its 10 standard airbags. The driver and front passenger seats are both equipped with knee airbags, side airbags, and front airbags. The second row has side airbags, and all three rows are covered by an all-row roll-sensing Side Curtain Airbag system.

  7. 8 Passenger Seating 

    Wellesley Toyota Land Cruiser Cargo SpaceIf versatile seating is a premium for you, the Land Cruiser features not 7 but 8 seats that can flip and fold in many ways to maximize cargo space and maintain seating. The third row splits down the middle and can fold up entirely on either side so you canmaximize space while still being able to seat a passenger. The second row armrest can also completely fold down to offer two spacious seats.

  8. Cargo Space 

    The Land Cruiser is pretty massive, and while it can comfortably seat 8, it also offers 81.7 cubic feet of cargo space with the middle and rear seats folded down. Perfect for that oversized flat screen TV you’ve been staring at for a half hour at Best Buy. The second row stows its seats by flipping them forward and the third row seats stow away by flipping them sideways toward the windows.

  9. 381 Horsepower 

    The Land Cruiser boasts a beastly 381 horsepower V8 engine and 8200-lb of towing making it perfectly capable of handling just about any trailer you could find. Gas mileage is about what you would expect from something with this powerful of an engine with 13 city and 18 highway mpg. However, chances are if you are seriously considering this vehicle, you are already aware of what you would be giving up in mpg.

  10. Safety Connect 

    Wellesley Toyota Land Cruiser SnowIf you have ever taken a peak inside a Land Cruiser, you may have noticed a button by the front overhead compartment that reads SOS. This is your personal Safety Connect system that ensures you are only a button away from emergency roadside assistance. It also has a stolen vehicle locator in case of theft, and an automatic collision notification that will notify dispatchers if you have been in an accident.

So there you have it, 10 reasons why the Toyota Land Cruiser might appeal to you. Of course, some of these features may be above and beyond what you are looking for, but there is no doubt that if you have these great features you will use them. Also, as with all Toyotas, you get ToyotaCare, which gives you complimentary maintenance and 24-hour roadside assistance for 2 years or 25,000 miles. Come by our Boston Toyota dealership today to test drive a new Land Cruiser!

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