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The Scion tC - Redefining The Compact Sports Coupe

Posted by Jared Katsoupis on Fri, Feb 07, 2014 @ 03:00 PM

 Scion tC, Silver, Exterior

I’m going to preface this blog by making a statement; Scions are cool cars. Quite the statement, I know. But never actually getting a close look inside one unfairly shaped my opinion of them. I used to think: “Who wants a Scion when they can purchase any other car out there?” But one day I realized, that’s the point. Its not supposed to be like any other car out there. Notice that Scion doesn’t have any typical four-door sedans? Scions are niche vehicles aimed at reaching a youthful generation that wants a fun or sporty vehicle and won’t force them to give up their college tuition to pay for it.

This isn’t going to be a typical car review. Instead, I will try to shed any preconceived notions of Scion and try to bring the essence of what Scion vehicles can offer. So we can show you the culture that Scion strives for, lets start with the Scion tC, which is the Scion most resembling a traditional sedan.


Scion tC, BeSpoke, Audio, Touch ScreenLike I said before, the Scion tC is the closest thing that you will find to a traditional four-door sedan. It is actually built off of the Toyota Camry platform so you may notice shared traits (I’m going to assume we know that Scion is owned by Toyota). The tC can surprisingly seat 5 with decent rear leg room, and is packed with all the technology that anyone with a smartphone could ask for, including Bluetooth for hands free phone calls, a USB port with iPod connectivity, an auxiliary input, a standard Pioneer 6.1 inch touch screen display, and 8 speakers. A minor audio upgrade will give you Scion’s BeSpoke system, which adds navigation, social media integration, and thousands of music and internet channels. All of this is wrapped up in a sturdy cloth and plastic interior shaped in a sporty design that I personally think is truly appealing to sit in and drive.

Under the hood

The tC is a front wheel drive vehicle that boasts a 2.5 liter, 4 cylinder engine that kicks out 179 horsepower (almost the same as the Camry). This isn’t the most in its class, but certainly gets the job done. It also gets a combined 26 miles per gallon, 2 gallons shy of the Camry. The tC comes standard with a manual transmission and can be upgraded to an automatic. The tC is very smooth and fun to drive, and while it may not be the most powerful, it handles all the turns and corners wonderfully.

What make Scion, Scion.          

Okay, now that we've gotten all the technical (but necessary) stuff out of the way, I can show you what makes Scion unique that other car manufacturers do not do. Scion has a "Pure Price" policy, meaning there is only one price for their cars. You may be asking, “How can that be? Everyone haggles at car dealerships”. To be honest, the back and forth between the customer and sales manager is half the battle of purchasing a car and can often lead to customers walking out. Scion recognized this and has taken that aspect of the car buying process away, for the better.

Scion's Pure Price means the price you see is the price you pay. Of course, this varies depending on the options and the dealership, but it was designed to cut down the customer's time spent at dealerships and the pressure that comes with negotiations. The only thing you as a customer must do is decide which model you want and what accessories you want to go with it. And that brings me to my next point, the accessories.

Did You Say Accessories?

Scion tC, Alloy Wheel, Decal, Accessories

We sure did, and not the typical car “upgrade” accessories that can cost a thousand dollars. Scion has branded itself around the fact that you can purchase many different accessories for as little as $45 a piece. These accessories are for the car enthusiast who is always looking to add detail and identity to their Scion and range from body graphics, light kits and illuminated doors, leather shift knobs, lowering springs, performance exhausts, spoilers, and alloy wheels. Just to name a few.

Price and Five Year Cost 

The price of a Scion tC at Wellesley Scion at time of writing starts at $19,965 for a manual transmission and $20,965 for an automatic. If you choose to have any upgrades or accessories installed, then the price will increase. The 5-year cost of ownership, which factors in fuel, insurance, financing, fees, maintenance, repairs, and depreciation is $33,510. The depreciating cost of a 2014 tC over 5 years is $10,981 according to Kelley Blue Book.


Why would you want to buy a Scion tC? Well, it is the perfect combination of performance and practicality, right between being fun to drive and having plenty of space to drive your friends around town. You will not feel cramped and you will have everything you need in your Pioneer or BeSpoke audio system to make calls and play music. Plus, we think the car looks fantastic. If you want to avoid the hassles of buying a car the old fashioned way, Scion is looking to take the next step forward with you.

Scion tC Inventory

Scion tC, Exterior, Front, Blue, Outside

Scion tC, Interior, Seats, Cloth

Scion tC, White, Exterior, Back


Scion tC, Interior, Trunk, Cargo












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