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Wellesley Toyota Changes Sales Plan to Suit Modern Shoppers

Posted by Josh Chang on Sat, Aug 17, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

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With the ever-increasing popularity of shopping on the internet, Massachusetts residents are changing the way they purchase everything from shoes to furniture. One place they haven't changed their buying habits, however, is in the auto showroom, but our local Boston Toyota dealership is working to change that with its sales process dubbed the "Now Way." 

As the name would suggest, the Now Way is meant to serve auto shoppers in the same manner they would purchase a cell phone or computer. Gone are commission-focused sales people, replaced with Toyota Product Geniuses that operate on an hourly salary. The sometimes uncomfortable dance between sales person and finance mangers has also gone the way of the dinosaurs, replaced with one sales manager that serves as the single point of contact for the entire purchasing process. The result is a streamlined process with greater transparency and, based on reviews, significantly higher customer satisfaction.

"The process of buying a car has been the same for decades, and it really doesn't reflect the habits of modern shoppers," said Nai Nan Ko Jr., general manager of Wellesley Toyota. "Car shoppers are doing more research online and generally have a good idea of what they want before they set foot in our showroom. It's our job to answer any remaining questions they have and to make sure they get into the vehicle they want with as little stress as possible."

Wellesley Toyota Product GeniusWhen you visit Wellesley Toyota, you'll first meet one of our Geniuses, and these guys know their stuff. They know everything from how the latest Entune system works to how to fold the back seats flat with a flick of the wrist. With nearly 20 models in Toyota's lineup, it's little wonder why being a product specialist is a full-time job. 

Toyota Product Geniuses

  • Our Toyota Geniuses are paid hourly (NOT on commission) - so they are never biased or trying to constantly sell their customers for more money
  • They know every model, trim, color, and option that Toyota has to offer, so they can give their customers unbiased opinions about the best car for their needs.
  • Think of the Toyota Geniuses as your "Personal Advisor" when it comes to choosing your new car. 
  • When a customer picks up their new car, their Toyota Genius will go through every feature of the new vehicle so the customer drives away feeling like they've already had the car for months.

Once a decision has been made on a vehicle, customers sit down with a Sales Manager, who will be the only person they'll need to work with for the rest of the purchase process. Gone are the walks back to chat with managers and finance managers as these sales managers are all those roles combined into one! The whole process is designed to be clear and straightforward, and there's none of the pressure one would expect from a typical car dealership.

"Toyota makes great products that people love," Ko Jr. added. "It's our job to provide a buying experience that matches the quality of the cars, and we think we've come up with the solution."

Are you sick of buying cars the old way? Visit Wellesley Toyota and experience the Now Way today! 


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