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Scion Celebrates its 10th Anniversary with Limited Edition 10 Series

Posted by Josh Chang on Thu, Jul 25, 2013 @ 09:00 AM

For 10 years now, Scion has been putting out stylish cars to appeal to the youthful generations of today. To celebrate their decade long existence, Scion’s released their 10 series line, which features their great lineup of cars as limited edition models to help celebrate the occasion. Only 10,000 were made so stop by Wellesley Toyota Scion to check out these great rides before they sell out.

Wellesley Toyota Scion FR-SFR-S:

The Scion FR-S, which was developed in cooperation with Subaru, currently serves as Toyota’s primary sports car. While Toyota’s been knocked in the past for having cars that are more functional than exciting, the FR-S offers a refreshing, sporty look that will rival any others in its class. In addition, the FR-S has been praised for its terrific handling, comfortable front seats, and great safety ratings. The best part though? The low price that comes with such a superb sports car! Affordability is one thing that has remained constant amongst Toyota vehicles, even if athletic looks have not. 

Wellesley Toyota Scion tC


The tC is another sporty coupe of Scion’s but unlike most, this one’s got plenty of space to go around. Usually when I have to sit in the second row of a two-door car, I get antsy about leg space.  The tC is certainly an exception, with plenty of legroom in both rows and a surprisingly large trunk with tons of cargo space. On the outside, the Scion tC is quite the eye candy, with sharp angles contributing to a sleek, masculine look that will leave drivers thrilled with the appearance of their ride.


Wellesley Toyota Scion iQ

For those of you who are in the city for work, residence or other reasons, you’ve met your savior. The iQ is the perfect car for getting around the crowded streets of Boston. The iQ’s compactness allows for precise steering, great fuel economy and an easier time parking in tight spots. There are also plenty of features to keep you entertained during rush hour, including Bluetooth, HD Radio and auxiliary audio. We all know how bad driving in Boston is. Luckily, so does Toyota, which is why they’ve packed a whole lot into a little and made city driving enjoyable.


Wellesley Toyota Scion xBRemember when you first started seeing box-shaped vehicles on the road? Those were probably xB’s, one of the first cars Scion put out to appeal to younger customers. Well ten years later, xB’s are still rolling off the production lines, only they’re a lot bigger and better. For starters, xB’s are known for their abundance of interior space, whether it’s headroom, legroom or cargo space. The Scion xB also comes with a lot of optional features such as a BeSpoke stereo upgrade that includes navigation and smartphone integration. Throw in outstanding safety ratings and you’ve got yourself quite the ride.


Wellesley Toyota Scion xDYou’d be hard pressed to find a hatchback that looks as tough and aggressive as the Scion xD, thanks to its taller height and bulldog-like front end. You’d also have a difficult time finding a car in the xD’s class that boasts the same wide range of features. From Bluetooth to HD radio to easy-to-use climate controls, even the standard options are enough to keep you happy. With the xD, you’re getting a high quality car for a very reasonable price. 

Limited Edition:

As we previously mentioned, Scion has released 5 new limited edition models to celebrate their 10th anniversary. These “10 Series” models have special features that make them stand out from your typical Scion. 

Wellesley Toyota Scion 10 Series

Every model is crafted with a unique Silver Ignition exterior color, and they all come with illuminating exterior Scion locator badges, a solar-recharging illuminating shift knob and an electroluminescent dash panel. Not exclusive enough? Each model also comes with its own individually numbered, limited edition badge that glows after being exposed to light!

Here at Wellesley Toyota Scion, we've always been passionate about the Scion brand. We could talk about how cool the 10 Series models are for a long time but you won’t really know how great they are until you see one for yourself. Come in today to our Greater Boston Scion dealership to learn more and maybe you’ll leave as the owner of an exclusive Scion 10 Series model!

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