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10 Millionth Toyota Camry Finds a Home

Posted by Josh Chang on Wed, Jul 10, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

Boston Toyota CamryHow does one measure success? Is it through longevity, popularity or durability? Well if you're talking about the Toyota Camry, it's all three! Toyota recently sold the 10 millionth Camry, some 30 years after the first model rolled off the showroom floor in 1983. Did we mention 773 of those first Camry sedans are still on the road? That's what we call durable!

So what has made the Camry so popular over the years? Well different people will have their own opinions, but we've compiled a few of our favorite things about the Camry. 

1 – They're utterly reliable. Just look around on your daily drive and you're bound to see Toyota Camrys from several different generations. This is a testament to Toyota's dedication to quality and durability that Massachusetts drivers desire. When push comes to shove, there are few vehicles that can match the Camry for reliability.

2 – Fuel economy. While the first Camry vehicles, which were categorized as compact cars, could return 40 mpg on the highway with their 98-horsepower engine, the new 2013 Camry Hybrid returns 43 mpg in the city while packing technology and safety equipment that was the stuff of dreams three decades ago. Oh yeah, the Hybrid also packs 200 horsepower – more than double that of the original.

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3 – Cutting-edge technology. Toyota has always been a leader in technology, and the Camry has often been the first to receive their latest innovations. In 1988 you coul

Want to be a part of the Camry success story? Visit our Greater Boston Toyota Camry dealership and take one for a drive. Interested in the history of the Camry? We've even come up with a list of highlights from the years below:d get a Camry with All-Trac all-wheel drive and in 2007 you could get a Camry Hybrid. Today, options like blind spot monitors and an incredible 10 air bags make driving safer than ever before.

30 Years of Camry Highlights

1983 Toyota Camry Introduced

1984 Total U.S. sales exceed 100,000

1986 Consumer Reports gives the Camry its first Best Buy award

1987 Second generation Camry includes a station wagon version and the All-Trac option. Total U.S. sales exceed 500,000

1988 Camry production at Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Kentucky begins

1989 Total U.S. sales exceed 1,000,000

1992 Third generation Camry, which is upgraded to midsize rating.

1993 Camry Coupe introduced. Total U.S. sales exceed 2,000,000

1996 Total U.S. sales exceed 3,000,000

1997 Fourth generation Camry, the number one selling car in the U.S.

1998 Total U.S. sales exceed 4,000,000

1999 Camry Solara introduced

2000 Camry Solara convertible introduced

2001 Total U.S. sales exceed 5,000,000

2002 Fifth generation Camry, with VVTi engine achieving ULEV status

2007 Sixth generation Camry, available with a Hybrid Synergy Drive power train


2012 Seventh generation Camry debuts

2013 Total U.S. Sales exceed 10,000,000

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