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Prius v Versus Ford C-Max Hybrid: Comparing Real-World Fuel Economy

Posted by Josh Chang on Thu, Mar 07, 2013 @ 01:54 PM

Wellesley Toyota Prius vWe've already covered the major points of comparison between the Toyota Prius v and the Ford C-MAX Hybrid, but many of our customers are interested in the fuel economy of these two models. We've had to rely on EPA fuel economy ratings to compare the two models, but now we have some real-world ratings from none other than Wayne Gerdes, founder of and holder of the Guinness World Record for lowest fuel consumption in a hybrid. 

You can read what he wrote here: CleanMPG Tests the Ford C-MAX Hybrid 

The EPA rates the Ford C-MAX Hybrid at 47/47/47 mpg city/highway/combined, but what Gerdes experienced fell well short of the numbers advertised on the Monroney.

Gerdes gathered a Toyota Prius v, a Toyota Prius liftback, and a 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid and put them to the test in the following exercises:

  • Long-distance 365.0-mile all-highway route
  • 22.8-mile all-city route
  • Maximum effort 14.5-mile round-trip fuel economy drive
  • Speed vs. fuel economy data and graphs
And here are the results from each test after topping off the tank and breaking out the calculator:
  • Long distance: C-MAX 35.537 mpg | Prius v 40.768 mpg | Prius liftback 43.298 mpg
  • All-City route: C-MAX 52 mpg | Prius v 55.8 mpg | Prius liftback not reported
  • Maximum effort: C-MAX 72.1 mpg | Prius v 99.9 mpg | Prius liftback 99.9 mpg
  • Speed vs Fuel Economy:
describe the image

We think the differences here are pretty clear, and Gerdes does a great job explaining everything in length, so there's simply no question that the C-MAX doesn't deliver on its claims of besting the Prius v in fuel economy.

Want a vehicle that not only matches but exceeds its EPA fuel economy ratings? Visit our Toyota Prius dealership in MA. No smoke. No mirrors. Just facts you can count on. That's the Wellesley Toyota way. 

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