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Wellesley Toyota Comparison: Prius v vs. Ford C-Max Hybrid

Posted by Josh Chang on Wed, Feb 06, 2013 @ 02:59 AM

2013 prius v versus ford cmax hybrid

Ford is trying to position its C-MAX Hybrid against the Toyota Prius v, citing only fuel economy numbers, but does the comparison stop there? We don't think so. To shed some light on why the Prius v is the smart choice for people looking for maximum capability and versatility with great fuel economy, we're going straight to the numbers. Just for fun, we'll include numbers for the Prius liftback as well. 

Passenger Volume

Prius v – 97.2 cubic feet

C-MAX – 99.7 cubic feet

Prius – 93.7 cubic feet

Toyota Prius v interiorLooks like the Ford C-MAX has the Prius v beat when it comes to total passenger volume, but the main difference comes from its tall shape. That means only the tallest drivers will experience a real difference between the two. It's also notable just how much interior space the smaller Prius liftback delivers – pretty impressive. Let's move on to cargo capacity, which is really where people shopping for a Prius v and C-MAX should be focusing. 

Cargo Capacity Behind 2nd Row / Seats Folded

Prius v – 34.3 cubic feet / 67.3 cubic feet

C-MAX – 24.5 cubic feet / 52.6 cubic feet

Prius – 21.6 cubic feet / 39.6 cubic feet

That's a pretty significant difference, especially once the back seats are folded flat. While Ford may try to sell the C-MAX as a competitor to the Prius v, it simply doesn't have the cargo capacity to keep up. Check out how much cargo capacity the Prius v has in the image below. In fact, the C-MAX scarcely has more space than the Prius liftback with the seats in use.

Toyota prius v cargoWe're not saying the Ford C-MAX Hybrid isn't a good car. However, we believe that the marketing has to stand up to the facts, and the fact is that the C-MAX is much closer to the regular Prius liftback than it is the Prius v. So if you're looking for a versatile hybrid with real cargo-carrying capabilities, come test-drive a Prius v. And if you want incredible fuel economy, grab a Prius liftback, which returns a real-world 50 mpg combined compared to the C-MAX's advertised 47 mpg. 

You have a lot of choices when it comes to buying a hybrid, and we're here to help you find the best vehicle for your needs. Visit our Prius dealership near Boston at Wellesley Toyota today and we'll help you answer all your questions!

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