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The Toyota Prius Plug-In: Best Of Both Worlds [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Josh Chang on Fri, Oct 19, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

We've all heard about the many electric vehicles that manufacturers have been releasing lately, ranging from the Chevy Volt to the Nissan Leaf. Although most people know that electric vehicles are the future because of our collective desire to shift away from dependence on gasoline and other environment harming energy sources, electric battery-powered vehicle technology is certainly still in its infancy.

All this is part of the reason why Toyota's Hybrid Prius line is so popular today even ranking as the 3rd best selling car line in the world in May 2012. Toyota has now one-upped themselves with the Prius Plug-In, a car that combines the best of both worlds and features a full electric battery as well as the traditional Prius hybrid engine.

The car can get up to 95 MPGe*, when combining use of the electric battery and hybrid engine. Even better, you can plug the car in at home or at work in a standard 120V or 240V outlet, so you don't need any expensive equipment to charge the car. 

See below for an awesome infographic about the Prius Plug-In, courtesy of Wellesley Toyota:

Toyota Prius Plug-In

Image Credit: Wellesley Toyota

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