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5 Thoughts About Google's Driverless Cars

Posted by Josh Chang on Tue, Oct 02, 2012 @ 05:28 PM

There is so much going on in the technology world these days. Our phones are basically tiny computers, we can project holograms of famous people who died many years ago (I'm looking at you Tupac), and we basically just launched a small car into space and it happened to land on Mars without a scratch.

One of the coolest new pieces of technology out there today is Google's ambitious driverless car project. Yes, you heard me right. Google is developing technology that allows cars to drive themselves, with a fleet of 6 Toyota Prius, an Audi TT, and a Lexus RX450h already equipped with the technology, and these cars have already logged over 300,000 driverless miles without an accident! Pretty incredible stuff. Check out a video of them in action here.

ThePrius, Google, Driverless Car craziest part about all this is that Google is actively lobbying to get these cars legalized for commercial and personal use around the country, and in Nevada, they have already issued license plates for driverless cars.

Now let's think into the future here. Since I love lists, here's a list of some of the things that could happen when driverless cars become a reality.

1. No more parking headaches. You can drive from your house in the suburbs to your job in the city without having to park or drive through crazy traffic. This is because your car can just drop you off and find cheap parking somewhere nearby or even drive itself home! Think about it, no more having to pay $500 a month for a parking spot. When it's time to leave work, your car can just come get you and you'll be happily on your way.

2. No more wasting time in traffic. Stuck in traffic? Well if you're in your trusty driverless car, just pull your laptop out and start working! You don't have to waste your time listening to talk radio since you can focus on things other than driving. For all those people working in bad traffic cities like L.A., this could help save so much time and money.

3. Texting and driving accidents will be a thing of the past. We all know how dangerous it is to text and drive at the same time. But sometimes, it just can't wait. In a driverless car, you can text the day away without worrying about driving. 

4. Your car can drive you home from a late night. If you've had a little too much to drink but need to get you and your car home, think about how handy a driverless car would be. You could even take a nap while your car drives you home!

5. Traffic issues. Theoretically, these driverless cars could communicate with all the other cars on the road and drive in the optimal way to reduce congestion and traffic on highways and public roads. I know we've all gotten mad at the one car that is holding up 50 other cars behind them before. 

Of course, this technology is still quite a ways away from becoming commonplace, and lawmakers have even acknowledged that this technology is already beyond what our laws were created for. There are still a ton of obstacles in the way of us being able to use this technology in our everyday lives, but for now, we can dream!

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